What Is Your Base Fare?
We are a company that provides an alternative way to purchase airline tickets. You can book your flight now. Relax. Pay Later. It’s that simple.
How does it work?
Glad you asked, it’s very simple. You find the flight you want using our search engine to over 1,000 destinations, input your information, (use the note box to relay any additonal information including seat preference etc.), put down a small deposit and make payments with several different payment options. We will send you a confirmation email once the reservation has been secured. After the last payment, you’ll receive your flight itinerary and be on your way to that de-lux vacation in the skyyy.
Can anyone sign up?
Anyone 18 and older are all welcome to use our services.
What happens if the exact flight I want isn’t available?
We try our best to book the exact flight you want within the timeframe allotted but unfortunately, some flight prices come and go in the span of seconds. When the ticket request is submitted, our agents book the ticket as quickly as possible. If your specific price isn’t available, we will match you to an identical or similar flight. Also, in the notes section on the summary page feel free to place any information you want to better assist us in finding the perfect flight for you.
When do I get my final details for my flight?
After your final payment has been made, within 48 hours you will receive all the flight information related to your booking.
Can I pay off my ticket in advance?
Absolutely! We encourage such behavior but we treat all our customers the same weather you pay it in advance or on the scheduled plan set up.
Do you require a credit check?
The great thing about us is we don’t require a credit check. We go off of the honor system; we have faith that our customers will complete their payment plan as scheduled.
What happens if I have to cancel?
If you are unable to complete payment, the entire amount of the ticket will be credited to your account. After the ticket is paid off in full, you will receive your ticket number and Your Base Fare is no longer liable for any other charges that may incur for changes. Please keep in mind that the airline may have additional fees (change fee and/or fare difference) that will need to be handled directly with that carrier. If payment is stopped at any point without ever being paid in full, any money paid into the scheduled payment plan will be forfeited.
The booking page isn't working, what do I do?
Relying on computers, things happen from time to time. If your having issues with the booking page please clear your cache and try again. Depending on your operating systems, you can usually go to settings, then advanced settings, scroll down and click the clear browsing data and that should do it. If you have further issues with completing your booking, contact us at info@yourbasefare.com and we will promptly aid in getting you set and ready to travel stress free.
What if the flight I want isn't showing up?
No worries, simply click the "Layaway" link and fill in the necessary details presented. You will then receive an email with flight options that best fit your desired itinerary within 24 hours.
What is the minimum and maximum ticket price?
Great question, the minimum ticket price is $100 and the maximum is $5000

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